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AUA Brand and Visual Identity Guide


Despite the ongoing physician shortage, U.S. medical schools are not opening up enough seats to meet demand as more patients are in need of healthcare. The future lies in having physicians from diverse backgrounds practicing in areas they’re needed most. We are here to provide this service.

Our brand represents the students we want to educate: people who are compassionate, high achievers, driven, and worldly. As a relatively young medical school, we have hit many milestones in a short period of time, which has earned our school an excellent international reputation as a leader in medical education. Our prestige derives from our approvals and accreditations and the success of our alumni.

Keeping AUA’s brand as consistent and cohesive as possible is essential for the narrative we construct for our audience. This guide will provide you with the visual and editorial aids to express all that distinguishes us.

View the AUA Brand and Visual Identity Guide.

All Visual Identity files are available on the P Drive (under Visual Identity) including:
• Logos
• Font installer files
• Letterheads 
• Color swatch (for Adobe Creative Suite)
• This manual

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