I don’t have a television in my apartment. In fact, since college, I have banned TV from my living quarters for fear of being all-consumed. For some, it’s cheesecake. For me, it’s TV I have no will power when it comes to TV.

Just as time flew while Rip Van Winkle slept, so do the hands of a clock while I am watching TV. Time, is the most precious commodity of which a medical student can never have enough. I punish myself.  During the academic semesters, I deny myself of watching TV.  I feel as those this denial, is just another one of the major sacrifices that I must make as a medical student. Fortunately, I treat myself on study breaks to online sites that show pictures of ‘what not to wear’ and who is dating whom in Hollywood.

One could argue that having a computer and access to sites such as Hulu, is the equivalent of having a television. However, my computer is seven years old and takes a full fifteen minutes to boot up and connect to a website.  During this tortuous, long wait, I begin to feel the guilt of wasting time. Yet, during meals and study breaks, a welcome escape from my world of meds, drugs, and bugs is surfing the web.  How I do enjoy my celebrity gossip!

by Chinwe Okeke, Class of 2011