I will never forget my Match week. This last week has become permanently etched in my mind; an exciting memory to share with friends and loved ones for years to come.  My husband Alberto and I both waited for “Black Monday” to learn whether we were successful at securing residencies. On March 14, 2011, we each received an email at 11:55AM with the subject line: Did I match? Of course, just that subject is enough to cause anxiety in even the most calm and confident person. I had great scores. I went on many interviews with great feedback. All of my friends and family knew that I would match somewhere, but I was still anxious. I had heard stories of people with double 99s ranking 14 programs and still not matching so I wasn’t taking anything for granted. Alberto is the calmer and more relaxed of the two of us, but even he had trouble sleeping the night before. Shaking, we both opened our emails to this message:

Congratulations! You have matched.

Check the Match Site here on Thursday, March 17, 2011, at 1:00 PM eastern time to find out where you matched. Because you are matched, you will not have access to any information about unfilled programs.

We called and texted all our friends and family to share the good news, and the next three days were no less filled with anxiety. Alberto and I spent time with each other and friends to pass the time on Tuesday and Wednesday, but each hour that passed meant that we were closer to knowing our fates. We expected the email at 1PM. I was so anxious I could barely sleep Wednesday night, and I couldn’t eat all morning. Knowing that I would sit in front of the computer stressing myself out, my wonderful husband found a movie for us to watch that was conveniently scheduled to end at 1PM. When we checked our emails, there they were; sent at 12:55PM – emails with subject line: Where did I match? I checked my husband’s and was ecstatic to find he matched at his #1 program, and then it was my turn. I felt sick. I couldn’t look, so I had Alberto look for me. He told me that I must remember that even if my match is not what I wanted, God has a plan for us.  I slowly opened my eyes and read the words:

Institution Name: Mayo School of Grad Med Educ-MN.

With tears streaming down my face, I thanked God for this wonderful gift.  I matched to my #1 choice, and the dream that I have had for 16 years has finally come true.

by Jasmine Riviere Marcelin, Class of 2011