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Overcoming a Study Plateau

Overcoming a Study Plateau by Cecelia Downs

If you aren’t happy with your current test scores and you’ve tried but failed to significantly improve, it’s likely you’re feeling incredibly frustrated. However, strategy and outlook are big pieces of the puzzle, so don’t give up! In Moonwalking with Einstein, his book on memory and learning, Joshua Foer says…

You Know You’re a Caribbean Med Student If

You Know You’re a Caribbean Med Student If

You have access to your professors inside and outside the classroom. Typically, a Caribbean medical school is not a giant research university where you’re just a name in a huge database of students, employees, and buildings. Your professors are doctors at the top of their fields, but regard teaching as…

Need for Speed Blog

The Need for Speed

How to Stay Fast and Furious for All Four Years of Med School (and then some) Diet, exercise, and sleep are widely accepted as the holy trinity of health for maximizing academic performance. The following strategies and mindsets can help make better decisions in these regards to meet the demands…

Why the World Needs More Nontraditional Students

Why the World Needs More Nontraditional Students

Plenty of medical students follow the traditional straight-from-high school path to doctorhood. But not all of them. (Skip to 3:22 of this Healthy Perspectives episode to hear David Riley’s story.)   The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) defines a nontraditional student as someone who meets any of the following…

Alumnus Dr. Eddie Copelin

Dr. Eddie L. Copelin II (AUA Class of 2015)

Dr. Eddie L. Copelin II (AUA Class of 2015) M.D., M.H.A. Internal Medicine Resident, Roger Williams Medical Center, Providence, Rhode Island Sergeant, United States Marine Corps (Ret.) Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran Recipient • National Defense Service Medal • Navy and USMC Achievement Medal • Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal •…


What About Barbuda?

Many students know relatively little about Barbuda, an island just 36 miles north of Antigua. That’s understandable, given its smaller size (about 62 square miles compared to Antigua’s 108) and population (approximately 1,700 residents compared to Antigua’s 80,000). If you’re looking to visit, now would be the perfect time. Known…

Satisfactory Academic Process Alumni Updates

Alumni Updates

Dr. Eronmwon Okoye Class of 2015 Dr. Eronmwon Okoye recently began practicing at Seton Hall University of Health and Medical Sciences in South Orange, New Jersey as a Psychiatry Resident. After she graduated Summa Cum Laude from AUA, Dr. Okoye completed an observership at Atlanticare Regional Medical Center Department of…

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