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AUA's philanthropy benefits the Caribbean island of Antigua's community

AUA Gives Back to the Antiguan Community

…supporting local events such as Sailing Day and the TinMan Rohr triathlon, both of which feature athletes from around the world, AUA helps make Antigua one of the best destinations in the Caribbean. Scholarships AUA offers a scholarship for eligible Antiguan citizens and grants for eligible CARICOM citizens as well….

Eco-Friendly Medical Student

5 Ways to be an Eco-Friendly Medical Student

…day has a dramatic impact on your carbon footprint. You can save the environment (and some money) by walking or biking instead. You’ll feel healthier and help keep the Caribbean beautiful. Related Articles 6 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Med Student Budget The 5 Best Exercise Routines for Tropical…

medical school rejections

Guide for Applying to Medical School: Pre-Med Requirements | AUA

That pile of “We regret to inform you…” letters can be difficult to confront. If a career in medicine has been the only path you’ve been steering towards, it can be hard to get rejected from medical school despite working your best. It can be scary and unsettling, so we’re…

items to bring to a Caribbean medical school

6 Essential Items to Bring to a Caribbean Medical School

…really intense in the Caribbean. An awesome tan might be impressive, but applying sunscreen at regular intervals will keep your skin healthy and prevent any immediate or long-lasting damage from excessive exposure. Bring along some sunscreen with SPF 30, which is the best level for blocking sunrays. 2) Summer Clothes…


AAPI Recognizes AUA as the Leader in International Medical Education

…United States. Among them the partnership recognition of American University of Antigua. Neal Simon, president of AUA, told News India Times that a team from AAPI recently visited Antigua and reviewed the standing of the university and its curriculum and accredited it. “AUA follows a New York curriculum, the best


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