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The Politics of Correctness

…commercial with the owl and the little boy and the Tootsie Pop. How do you ask a patient their ethnicity without being offensive? In the commercial, after the little boy posed his question to the wise old owl, the phrase that will suffice for my current dilemma is “The world

Why Is It So Hard To Get Into Medical School?

Recent news stories have brought to light just how competitive it is for even the most privileged students to get accepted into college. Wealthy parents have been charged with carrying out extensive admissions fraud, with the help of coaches and college prep executives, to get their children into prestigious universities….

study schedule

5 Ways to Optimize Your Study Schedule

Bad news: winter break is over, and the new semester just started. Good news: this is the perfect time to plan your study schedule for the next few months. Here are some factors to consider to help you dominate your courses: Prioritize Subjects Carve up time on your calendar according…

clinical medicine faculty

Adjusting to the New World of Clinical Sciences

While studying preclinical science in Antigua, you have a set schedule. You know that you will be home from class at a certain time and you can set aside a certain number of hours each day to study. In the clinical semesters, time management becomes your best friend. Studying has…

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AMSA Hosts Health Fair and Glaucoma Seminar

Over the weekend, back-to-back events gave students the chance to reach out to the community while gaining educational and clinical experiences. The first event was a health fair focused on World Glaucoma Week. The fair was conducted with the help of AMSA (American Medical Student Association) and an AUA faculty…


AUA Graduate Helps to Prevent Physician Shortage

AUA graduate Dr. Kate Schmitz was featured in the Daily Record News about her work in rural areas, where the physician shortage is at it’s highest and are needed the most. More about her work below: Some doctors are the kind patients see when they have a specialized issue. A…

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