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Practice in these 3 states blog image

Pursuing a Career in Primary Care: 3 States to Consider

…especially the Raleigh-Durham area. Florida (Primary Care Need Met: 42 percent) Florida is home to growing life sciences and biotech industries. If that’s not enough to sway you, its many cultural attractions and perfect climate for those seeking refuge from the cold should be. During Clinical Sciences many AUA College of…


What About Barbuda?

…are stiff. Divers can enjoy Spanish, French, and British wrecks that hearken back to colonial battles for control of the region. Frigate Bird Sanctuary Head to Barbuda’s west coast to visit Codrington Lagoon National Park, where you’ll find one of the biggest colonies of frigate birds in the world. Mating…

4 Reasons to be a Doctor, Not a Lawyer

4 Reasons to be a Doctor, Not a Lawyer

Very often, one of the fringe benefits of being a Type A smarty-pants is that you don’t have to bother with the paradox of choice. From early on, maybe even before you apply to schools for your bachelor’s degree, you stand before a fork in your potential career path, a…


Meditation: Time to take control and Train your Brain

…the amygdala.The amygdala is known to increase with stress, yet it began to decrease in size after meditation even when participants were still exposed to the same environmental stressors. Meditation is found to reduce stress, anxiety, helps you to relax, and increase neuroplasticity and overall mental well being. A Beginner’s…


AUA Sponsors Fourth Annual Tinman Rohr

…12-time Guadeloupe national champion Olivier Noglotte, 6-time Trinidad & Tobago national champion Ancil Greene, Cuban national champion Vincente Sanabria, and 4-time OECS champion Reginald “Reggie” Douglas from St. Kitts & Nevis. Tinman Rohr will feature multiple races at varying endurance levels to accommodate a range of participants from top-ranking athletes…


AUA Graduate Dhaval Pau Featured on TV Asia

Dr. Dhaval Pau (Class of 2014), who graduated from AUA when he was 20, was featured on TV Asia. Dr. Pau is currently an Internal Medicine resident at Staten Island University Hospital in Staten Island, NY. You can watch the full interview below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeWCi557IMk…


Healthcare for women is a growing industry, and doctors must understand the unique health differences between men and women in order to provide excellent care. Women’s reproductive health is a major consideration in the course of any treatment, and health issues related to reproduction account for nearly one-third of all…


AUA Promotes Public Health in Barbuda

…coach, shared videos on men’s health, prostate health, and nutrition. As part of AUA’s Heart Smart Initiative, participants were encouraged to make healthy lifestyle choices and given AUA’s 100 Mile Challenge T-shirts, journals, and literature on heart health and diabetes. Following a dialogue between AUA physicians and local health care…


AUA Student Published by American Society of Plastic Surgeons

…rehabilitation centers, and international rehabilitation experts are assessing the needs. We helped secure supplies and trained Haitian occupational and rehabilitation therapists. Heartbreaking scenes Children separated from their families were commonplace – as were unaccompanied children requiring above-the-knee amputations. A tearful, frantic father speaking only French arrived searching for his daughter….

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