Every year, medical school admissions committees across Canada turn away thousands of well-qualified students. However, for aspiring doctors, a rejected medical school application should not be seen as the end of the journey. Instead, it can be regarded as an all-too-common challenge on the long road to becoming a licensed physician. 

In other words, a medical school rejection, while sometimes devastating, is absolutely no reason for you to give up on your dreams of becoming a doctor. There are plenty of work-arounds!

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Unsuccessful Canadian medical school applicants have a number of viable medical education options within reach. Thanks to the option of Caribbean medical schools, such as the American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine, there is another way. 

Medical School Rejection in Canada

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According to the latest report from the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada, the situation facing Canadian students is especially challenging. 

At leading Canadian medical schools, such as the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, fewer than 10% of applicants are accepted. This might seem crazy, but it’s true! Although the acceptance and rejection numbers vary slightly from place to place, the high rejection rate is a common experience across the country. 

Because roughly nine out of ten Canadian med school applicants are rejected, including many with outstanding qualifications and high grades, Canadian students who hope to attend medical school should have another plan in place, as the probabilities of acceptance simply aren’t in their favour. 

Consider Medical School in the Caribbean

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Pursuing a medical education abroad is an excellent way for Canadian students to overcome the structural challenges found in Canada (and the United States). Not only can aspiring physicians pursue their medical careers on their own terms, they can also do so from the much more forgiving climate of the Caribbean! 

If you want to work in Canada or the United States after you study abroad, certain Caribbean medical schools, such as the American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine, have both the accreditation status and excellent track records people look for when it comes to placing graduates in residency programs at prestigious teaching hospitals. 

Caribbean medical schools also have much higher acceptance rates than Canadian or American institutions, while still offering an excellent level of education. 

American University of Antigua – College of Medicine – MD Program

Part of AUA’s mission is to create a viable path to medical residency and practice for any international student. The American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine provides a Doctor of Medicine (MD) curriculum for all those interested in becoming physicians, and the degree is comparable to any Canadian university school of medicine. 

For Canadians who pursue a medical career, matriculation to AUA’s MD program offers an excellent opportunity to bypass the systemic issues found in the Canadian medical schools system and receive an innovative medical education in the Caribbean.

Doctor of Medicine – Program Overview

AUA’s educational program leading to the MD degree consists of two years of preclinical sciences coursework on the AUA campus in Antigua and 84 weeks of study in the clinical sciences at teaching hospitals throughout Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

Requirements for Canadian Medical School Applicants

Although a high MCAT score is among the admission requirements at many medical schools, our admissions committee uses a holistic approach throughout the application process to find the best candidates, as there is more to becoming a doctor than simply GPA or test scores. Canadian medical school applicants do not need to submit MCAT scores to be considered for admission to AUA. 

As opposed to other international students, aspiring Canadian medical school students do not need to submit official TOEFL or IELTS score reports to apply.

Grants, Scholarships and Financial Aid for Canadian Students

AUA College of Medicine has been reviewed and approved by the Canadian Ministry of Education, which means that Canadian students can qualify for Canadian financial aid programs while studying at AUA. 

Canadian medical school students are eligible for federal loans, provincial loans, and participating Canadian grant programs, as well as those offered exclusively for Canadian students by AUA. 

In addition to financial aid, AUA also offers Canadian students the opportunity to win scholarships and cultural awards to help offset the cost of their education. 

AUA College of Arts and Science – Antigua

The AUA College of Arts and Science (AUACAS) offers health science training and undergraduate coursework for pre meds to establish a strong foundation that will help them become doctors. 

Through an articulation agreement, students who complete pre med coursework at AUACAS are guaranteed acceptance into AUA College of Medicine.

Attend Med School Abroad in the Caribbean

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If you are one of the many students who has been unable to secure a spot at medical schools in Canada, you can still realize your goal of becoming a doctor by pursuing your medical education in the Caribbean.

The AUA College of Medicine offers international students the chance at a high-quality medical education that is both accessible and affordable. Students who graduate from AUA College of Medicine can be accredited to work in Canada or the United States, giving graduates the opportunity to apply for residency in the communities of their choice. 

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