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Online Registration Available

We are pleased to announce that online registration is available and allows RETURNING students to delay their return to campus by as much as 3 days. ALL STUDENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO REGISTER FOR ALL BASIC SCIENCE SEMESTERS UTILIZING THE ONLINE REGISTRATION PROCESS.

Students will receive an email approximately 4-weeks prior to the end of their current semester informing them of the availability dates for registering online.  Since online registration is a requirement, a $500 penalty will be applied to your AUA student account if you elect not to register online OR if you do not register online during the specified availability dates.  For those students who have not been cleared to utilize the online registration process (e.g., students in remediation or students under review by promotion), they will be required to register in-person, on island, during the registration date(s) detailed on the academic calendar, which can be viewed on the AUA website.

Registering online will give students the flexibility of avoiding registration lines and having to arrive on campus prior to the first day of classes.  After completing the online registration process, students will just need to bring the confirmation clearance forms that are generated from successfully completing the online registration process, to the Registrar’s Office on island to receive their semester sticker.

You can delay your return to campus by as much as 3 days (Students are required to attend first day of classes) if you have been cleared and have completed registration on the Online Registration (OLR) website. To be cleared for OLR you must have achieved Satisfactory Academic Progress and you must settle your tuition account by paying in full or applying for a new payment plan, or a new student loan.

Any questions about online registration can be directed to [email protected] and any technical issues with the online registration system should be directed to [email protected].