AUA will be hosting a two-week summer camp from July 7 to July 19. This camp will be hosted by the Emergency Medicine Training Center in collaboration with the Book and Ball Academy.

A limited number of children, between the ages of 10 – 16, will be selected from within the Antiguan government school system. At the end of the summer camp, participants will become Junior Medics and will be certified in Heart Saver CPR AED (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, Automated External Defibrillation). EMTC Program will include:
    • Adult CPR
    • Child/Infant CPR
    • First Aid
    • Introduction to simulation/recreation
    • Creating Sim scenarios/recreationIf you are interested in enrolling your children in this program, please obtain a registration form from Jeremias in the Skills Lab. Please return the completed form to Jeremias by June 14.Below is a schedule of some of the activities that will be offered:
    • Sporting FUNDAMENTALS  (individual stations worked for a minimum of ten minutes each)
    • Basketball
    • Dribbling
    • Passing
    • Shooting
    • Defense
    • Football
    • Passing
    • Kicking
    • Ball control
    • Field positions

Classroom Activities

  • Study skills
  • Critical and logical thinking development
  • Free writing skills development
  • Public speaking
  • Memory development exercises
  • Reading/listening comprehensionCampers will be grouped and rotated through these activities. There will be one hour indoors and an hour on each of the sporting activities for each camper. Groups will be based on skill set and age.



    Football and basketball are daily activities that last for one hour each discipline.

  • Study skills
  • Reading/listening comprehension
  • Logical & critical thinking
  • Free writing
  • Short-term memory & ball-o-rama
  • Public speaking
  • Short-term memory & free writing
  • Community project
  • Educational tour & beach
  • Fun Day & Closing Ceremony