Why should Indian students looking to study MBBS abroad, should consider studying MBBS in US?

Globally recognized medical degree:

The medical program in the US is one of the toughest and therefore globally accepted medical degrees in the world. It takes anywhere between 11 to 15 years (depending on the specialization chosen) to become a doctor in the US.

Top Ranked Medical Institutes in the World:

The US boasts of some of the top ranked Medical Universities in the world. The Medical Universities in US have the best infrastructure and faculty. They also have a very vibrant campus life filled with extracurricular activities.

Easier Route to Study Post Graduation:

Studying undergraduate medical program in the US will enable an easier route to complete post graduation in the desired field. Naturally, the top medical schools in US will give preference to the applicants who have graduated from the medical colleges in US.

Earn back the Money Spent: 

During the residency program, the residents are paid an average annual stipend of up to USD. 59,300 (which translates to INR. 41,01,188). This ensures that the student is able to recover the cost of education and meet the living expenses in the US during the residency program itself.

Advanced Research:

Many of the top med schools in US focus on advanced research in different fields of medicine. Students who have an aptitude for research are encouraged to take up research as a medical research scholar.

Options to establish medical career in US or in any other country:

The international students who graduate from the medical schools in the US are retained as valuable professionals by the US government. It would be easier for the medical graduates to obtain their green card. Also, many countries attach high value for the medical graduates from the US, welcome and facilitate to set up their practice in their countries.

Easier to come back to India:

After graduation, if the student wishes to come back to India for practice, it would be easier. A medical degree from US is much valued in India and MCI recognizes the medical degree from US. Moreover, the training provided in the medical schools in the US to clear the USMLE will enable the Indian students to clear the mandatory MCI test to practice in India, unlike the medical graduates from Russia, Ukraine, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc. who struggle to clear the MCI test.

A large Community of Indians and Indian Doctors: 

There is a large community of Indian doctors who have settled in the US. Any Indian student graduating from any medical school in US will fit right into the society and settle down easily.

A multi-cultural secular society: 

An environment of cultural diversity adds to the students learning and perspectives.US is known to be one of the most modern, liberal and multi-cultural society with equal civil rights for all citizens combined with a lot of benefits like good quality education and healthcare. It is one of the safest countries for citizens to live.

Good Scope for Career Growth and Economic Prosperity: 

Unlike in many other countries where medical careers are stifled by nepotism and red tape, the US is known to recognize merit and facilitate career growth. Intelligence and hard work in the US is rewarded with economic prosperity. After obtaining the license to practice, doctors in the US earn an average of USD. 294,000 a year (which translates to over INR 2 Cr).

High Quality of Life: 

The US is known for the high quality of life it provides to its citizens. All the citizens enjoy benefits like quality education, healthcare, good salary package and social security.