A career in medicine is one of the most sought-after career options in India. Either that or engineering. While more and more parents are encouraging alternative fields, an MBBS degree has not lost its value. In fact, the value is ever increasing. Medical aspirants have several reasons to become a doctor, but in order to do so, they have to first secure a seat in one of the prestigious medical universities and then earn the degree. 

MBBS in India – A brief context

Every year, lakhs of Indian students apply for MBBS in India. However, the total number of seats provided for medical students is limited. This includes both private and government colleges. Students prefer government admissions as private admissions require hefty donations and tuition fees. Did you know that there are only 70,978 MBBS seats in India for one academic year? As a result, lakhs of Indian students compete vigorously to secure an MBBS admission by attempting the NEET exams. The competition is fierce. In addition, medical colleges in India lack proper facilities, infrastructure, and emerging medical technologies.

Most students aspire to study MBBS abroad because the admission process is relatively simple. Apart from that, they get international exposure, world-class medical training, access to state-of-the-art medical equipment, hands-on training, affordable tuition fees, great scholarships, and an internationally recognised MBBS certificate.

Studying MBBS abroad 2021 – A new hope for medical students in the post-pandemic era

The Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on almost all industries worldwide. Nations underwent complete lockdown, businesses were closed, schools and colleges were shut down, and restrictions on international and national flights were imposed. The education sector was one of the most affected sectors. Students who wanted to study MBBS abroad in 2020 had to wait till the pandemic was brought under control. Undoubtedly 2020 was not a great year for MBBS aspirants. 

What’s going to be different for medical students who want to study MBBS abroad in 2021? Unlike the MBBS abroad admission in 2020, 2021 is going to be a new beginning. For starters, Indian medical students are given a conditional exemption for NEET exams. Considering the impact of the pandemic on students and the delay in exams, the Indian government is now allowing Indian students to apply for MBBS at any foreign university even if they did not qualify in the 2020 NEET exams. This is great news for students as they do not have to wait for a whole year before applying for MBBS abroad. They can then attempt the NEET exams again in 2021. As a result, thousands of medical aspirants apply for MBBS admission in top universities abroad and simultaneously prepare for the upcoming NEET exams. 

Another ray of hope for medical aspirants is that most universities abroad have reduced their tuition fees and offer instalment options irrespective of the year the student is currently studying in. Moreover, most universities are liberally extending scholarships and other financial assistance to deserving students. This is great news for Indian students as it could drastically bring down the financial burden. While some of the southern states in India are increasing the MBBS admission fees by almost double, studying abroad looks like an excellent option for Indian students. 

What next?

The pros of studying MBBS abroad in 2021 are very clear. What next? Read the eligibility criteria and understand the requirements. Choose the right university that is in alignment with your career goals. Ensure you have all the documents such as your 10th and 12th marksheet, Covid test report, vaccination report, etc. Start your application process today; the world is waiting for you!