After clearing the qualifying exams to apply for MBBS, thousands of students look for the most prestigious universities to apply to. While studying in their home country is the obvious choice for most students, many still opt to study MBBS abroad for various reasons. 

Quality of education, instruction method, credibility of the course, hands-on training, global exposure, better job opportunities, and higher pay are some of the many reasons why students decide to study abroad these days. 

Access to a better lifestyle and the opportunity to enhance one’s skill set are also a huge reason for this transformation. Though the reasons are crystal clear, what are the significant advantages of studying MBBS abroad?

Top seven advantages of studying MBBS abroad

  1. Superior education experience MBBS in foreign countries are known for their quality of education. Aspirants get mentored by world-class faculty and acquire internationally accepted degrees. Studying MBBS abroad helps students experience advanced learning techniques that will help them become truly knowledgeable doctors. 
  2. Nil capitation fee or donations – Indian students do not have to pay any additional money or donations to study MBBS abroad. Apart from the tuition fee, medical colleges abroad do not expect any other payments from their students. 
  3. Great international exposure – Studying MBBS in foreign countries gives students international exposure and enables them to acquire advanced skills. Most universities abroad partner with the best hospitals to provide their students with the required hands-on experience through clinical rotations while pursuing the course. 
  4. Job opportunities – Students studying MBBS abroad receive several high-paying job opportunities. As the degree certificates are internationally recognized, they can work in any part of the globe after fulfilling the country-wise requirements. 
  5. Scholarships – MBBS universities abroad offer various scholarships to deserving students. The cost of education reduces significantly if a student gets offered a scholarship. Some scholarships even cover the entire tuition fee. 
  6. No entrance tests required – To study MBBS abroad, students need not pass any entrance test. To apply for an MBBS degree abroad, the student must have obtained good marks in the Bachelors of Science (BS) degree in physics, chemistry, biology, or any other specialization in medicine.
  7. State-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment – Universities abroad offer world-class infrastructure and the latest medical equipment for students to get superior practical training. 

Why must you choose to study MBBS abroad?

Studying MBBS abroad offers a plethora of benefits. Apart from the significant advantages, studying abroad provides a good student life. 

Some of the other reasons why you must choose to study MBBS abroad are:

  • Plenty of MBBS seats are available abroad for foreign students
  • Most universities are affordable and budget-friendly
  • Each university has diverse courses as a part of its extracurricular activities.
  • It helps improve your communication and provides you with the opportunity to learn new languages
  • The cultural mix of students increases unity in diversity.
  • It offers an opportunity to see the world.

Basic eligibility to study MBBS abroad

  • Applicants must have completed 10th and 12th grade in science specialisations such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, etc. 
  • Most foreign medical colleges do not specify a minimum MCAT score. However, scores above 510 are usually considered good. The score should not be more than four years old. 
  • As the curriculum is in English, the student must take an English proficiency test. The two test scores considered for this purpose are IELTS  and TOEFL.

The bottom line

If you are aspiring to study abroad after 12th medical graduation, conduct in-depth research, understand the course requirements, know your university and the environment, calculate the cost of living, make necessary financial arrangements, set a budget for the entire duration of your course, and start applying. Though the application process can be tedious for a foreign mbbs admission, it is worth the effort. With the right information and guidance, you will become an internationally certified doctor.