Hurricane season is upon us again. Storm prep is very important for one’s safety, even though Antigua is infrequently hit. You know to keep batteries, cash, and drinking water on hand but there are a few tools you probably didn’t think of. Look like a Macgyver (instead of a Macgruber) by making sure you have these handy items in stock before the storm hits:

1) Portable Charger

If you lose power, your electronics lose power. Without your phone, how will you live-tweet your storm survival experience? Buy a portable charger in advance so you don’t run out of juice in the middle of a particularly dramatic Snapchat. Just be careful: with overuse, your auxiliary charger can run out on you too.

2) Blankets

Obviously, you’ll be making a blanket fort during the storm. More importantly, though, if your windows are blown out you can wrap yourself up to avoid getting hit by shards. Plus, if there’s loose debris in the house and you don’t have easy access to footwear, you can use the blanket to cushion your steps. And, yes, snuggies work just fine. Don’t pretend you don’t have one.

3) Rice

If your electronics got wet during the storm, there’s still hope — but not if you turn them on with even a drop of water lurking inside. The solution is simple: place each component in a bucket of rice. After about 10 hours, every last bit of moisture will be soaked up, and your electronics will be good as new. Maybe better, now that they smell like fresh rice.