Bad news: winter break is over, and the new semester just started. Good news: this is the perfect time to plan your study schedule for the next few months. Here are some factors to consider to help you dominate your courses:

Prioritize Subjects

Carve up time on your calendar according to each subject’s difficulty level. For example, if you excelled in biology but had a hard time with biochemistry, you should devote more time to biochemistry-heavy courses such as Molecular Basis of Medicine. If this is your first semester, you can apply this strategy based on how you performed in your pre-med courses.

Vary Study Groups & Independent Study

To keep studying solo from becoming dull, form a study group with your peers. Aside from breaking up the monotony of studying on your own, peer groups have numerous fringe benefits as well. Meeting at regular times throughout the week will help prevent procrastination, give you additional insights into the material, and allow you to form a personal connection with the information.

Factor in Office Hours

If you want a firm grip on the deluge of ideas expressed in class, go to the source. If your professors’ posted office hours don’t work with your class schedule, just let them know. Caribbean medical schools professors are typically more available than their U.S. medical school counterparts and will usually offer scheduling flexibility.

Make Time for EED

Study how to study with AUA’s Educational Enhancement Department (EED). Even if your strategy works well for you, a quick visit might help you fine-tune your routine. EED professors and tutors are dedicated to improving your study skills and exam performance, and can even review your study schedule to give you individualized feedback based on your skillset.

Leave Yourself Some Downtime

Your calendar shouldn’t be solely focused on studying. The weekends are there for a reason — without downtime, you’ll burn out quick. Secure a chunk for studying, but keep some time for yourself. Even if those two hours reading The Girl on the Train seem like wasted time, your mind will thank you when exam time arrives.

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