Wearing a mask is required on campus. It must be a surgical mask or a cloth mask with 3 layers-please use filters if it is a cloth mask. (You can use filters made for masks or coffee filters)

Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

We have noticed that many people tend to remove their mask to talk. DON’T DO IT! It completely defeats the purpose of the mask. We understand it feels awkward and that you must raise your voice to talk through a mask, but please try to be aware of what you are doing and keep the mask on when talking.

Also, please be courteous when you remove your surgical masks and discard them in the trash, not on the floor or ground. Our housekeeping staff is working really hard to keep AUA clean. Please don’t add to their work and increase their risk of exposure.

See below information from the Office of Student Affairs and AUA Health Clinic:

All students, faculty and staff will be prompted officially one time that wearing a mask on campus is required. The only exception is when one is alone in a private study space or office. This is NOT guidance, or a suggestion, or a recommendation; it is not open to discussion or negotiation.

    • Wearing a mask is defined as a mask or other face-covering that covers BOTH the nose and the mouth. Wearing a mask so that it only covers your mouth is defined as noncompliance with this mandate. If you have any questions about how to wear or discard a mask-please see attached information
    • Any member of the AUA family can ask the name of any student on campus who is not wearing a mask or improperly wearing a mask and will provide a warning to wear his/her mask on-campus at all times. Please forward that name to Dr Yergan, Mr Destin, Mr Solomon and myself.
    • The student should be aware that a second infraction will result in a referral to the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) for further review and possible disciplinary action.
    • A third infraction will result in the student being barred from the AUA Campus. (Note: Since all academic teaching will occur remotely [online] student attendance on-campus is not required. Therefore, student attendance and participation on-campus is a privilege which can be rescinded if the student refuses to comply with our Policies and Procedures.

The AUA mask policy on-campus will be applied equally to everyone—students, faculty, staff, and guests. 

    • Any member of AUA family can ask the name of any staff or faculty member who is incorrectly wearing a mask and ask them to correctly follow the recommendations. Those who fail to comply with this policy should be reported to Dr. Yergan who will address the issue with the Faculty Member.
    • AUA Staff Members who fail to comply with this policy should be reported to Mr. Destin or Mr. Solomon who will address the issue with the Staff Member.
    • If any guests on-campus are noted to be incorrectly wearing their masks, please inform them that wearing a mask on-campus is required, and if they are noncompliant, please notify security and they will be escorted off-campus.


Please visit here for more information on masks from the CDC.