For basketball fans, this month is all about the NCAA, brackets, and bragging rights. For Fourth-Year medical students, it’s all about the Match. Match Week begins on Monday and is sure to bring with it a mix of anticipation, excitement, anxiety, and everything in between for aspiring residents.

On Monday, applicants will find out whether they matched to one or more of the programs they applied to, but won’t know which ones.

On Tuesday, students who didn’t match to a program on their list will start looking for other residencies on their own through the SOAP or Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program.
Friday is Match Day! This is the day those who matched to residencies find out which programs accepted them.

Whether you’re in Basic Sciences trying to imagine what the experience is like firsthand or you’re a Fourth-Year waiting to hear from your residency of choice, you’ll enjoy this episode of ad lib, the American Medical Student Association (AMSA)’s podcast (AMSA is an active part of AUA’s campus community). The episode follows a couple applying for residencies through Match Week. Check it out:

If you’re just starting to think seriously about residency applications this tip sheet from Dr. Karishma Patwa (AUA Class of 2016), who is currently an internal medicine resident at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, New York, is another great resource as well.

To all AUA’s Match Week hopefuls, Good Luck!