Next semester will be here sooner than you think. You may already have a general idea of what to pack, but if you’re studying at a Caribbean medical school, you’ll need some very specific items. Consider shopping for these before you travel to Antigua:

1) Sunscreen

The UV rays are really intense in the Caribbean. An awesome tan might be impressive, but applying sunscreen at regular intervals will keep your skin healthy and prevent any immediate or long-lasting damage from excessive exposure. Bring along some sunscreen with SPF 30, which is the best level for blocking sunrays.

2) Summer Clothes

It’s hot all year round in the Caribbean. Think about what you would wear in July and August and make that 90% of the clothing you take with you. Sandals, short sleeve shirts, etc. You should bring a light sweater as well. The classrooms could get pretty chilly when the AC is at full blast.

3) Umbrella

It may be beautiful all year round – but there are always those off days. Expect a few rain showers to happen now and again. An umbrella will keep you dry so make sure to get a nice, sturdy one.

4) Wristwatch

Your smart phone may tell you the time but sometimes a wristwatch is the easiest way to keep track of it. You’re going to be on a tight schedule when you’re on campus and you don’t want to be late for class. You’ll also want to know how much time you actually have to take a break between classes. Maybe just split the difference and get a smart watch?

5) Swimwear

In the Caribbean, you’ll be near a lot of beaches. AUA’s campus even abuts one. Make sure you have your swimwear on hand. That way you can act like an aquatic superhero at a moment’s notice and switch to your swimsuit.

6) White Coat

For future physicians, you’ll need to start with the basics. It’s required of you to wear a white coat in certain labs but it’s also nice to just feel the gravitas of your upcoming medical career. Just make sure you don’t accidentally wear it while swimming.

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