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by Danielle Hermon – Regional Director of Admissions

Though applying for medical school can be stressful, it’s not as demanding as medical school itself. When you are called in for an interview, it means we found something in your application that made us believe you may be a good fit for AUA. When I conduct applicant interviews, I’m looking for someone who can succeed despite a tough curriculum. While it’s impossible to predict the future, there are some commonalities between the successful candidates I’ve encountered.

Improving Grades

There are many possible explanations for a dip in an applicant’s transcript, but candidates who have gone on to succeed at AUA have shown that they can improve from an academic setback.  An upward trend in grades is indicative of a candidate who cares about his or her academic success and knows when to right the ship.

Extracurricular Activities

Whether you were on your college’s football team or a member of the chess club, social activities prove you can work well with others. Teamwork is an essential component of your clinical rotations and, eventually, your residency. If you’ve held leadership positions, even better! Physicians instill confidence in their patients and colleagues.

Dress and Act Professionally

If you’ve gotten as far as the interview, congratulations! That’s a step in the right direction. Remember that first impressions matter. If you come dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, it won’t look like you’re committed to becoming a medical student. Dress for success and, even though you’re not a physician yet, act like one. Be confident and convince us that you have the right mindset for medical school.

Let Your Passion Come Through

Showing me that you’re passionate about medicine is more powerful than telling me about it. An application filled with anecdotes about shadowing physicians or working for medical causes will tell me more than the words, “I want to become a physician.” For your interview, challenge yourself not to say “I want be a physician because.” Instead, come prepared with stories that illustrate your desire. As long as you’re genuine, I will hear your love for the profession come through.