As a medical student, you’ll have a very specific browser history. Your Facebook/Twitter feed will probably give you fleeting glimpses of what everyone else is doing on the Internet (mostly looking at cat videos, FYI), but for the most part, you’re hanging out with Harvey® in the simulation lab. Still, you should make time to visit these websites. They’ll make your life easier.

  1. Student Doctor

Whether you’re pre-med, a medical student, or a resident, this site has something for you. Articles, interviews, and reference materials. It even has forums for students across that spectrum. You can also request a USMLE tutor in case you need a little more help studying for that beast of an exam.

  1. ValueMD

If you’re a Caribbean medical school student, you probably know about this site already. In case you don’t, ValueMD is where many students go to anonymously ask their colleagues and admissions reps where they can find housing on campus, how to study for the USMLE, and talk about the nitty-gritty details of med school life.  Also, awkward flame wars!

  1. AMA

The American Medical Association (AMA)’s website provides a ton of resources for med students. Want to find some research opportunities during summer break? BAM! Want to find community service opportunities near you? BAM! You may have to be an AMA member to access some of their resources but I stand by these BAMs!

  1. AMSA

Not an AMA member? Then this is the site for you! The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is the largest society for medical students. Considering how gigantic they are, it’s no surprise that their website contains a multitude of ways to help you out. Oh, hey, did you know AUA had an AMSA chapter on campus?

  1. What Should We Call Medical School

This Tumblr feed makes up for what all these other websites lack: laughter. Also, lots of gifs. Sure, this isn’t useful at all in terms of practical resources but, at the end of a long day of classes and labs, you need to relieve some stress. Just don’t get sucked into it. Cat gifs may look cute – but then you realize you’ve been looking at them for five hours.

  1. Medical

This is more of a collection of websites with links to the best resources from medical schools and many medical organizations.

  1. AspiringDoc Diaries

A collection of medical student blogs from around the web, this site shows the experiences of students across the United States. Most importantly, you’ll discover you don’t face the challenges of med school alone. The next time you’ve spent too long at a rotation – realize so many others share your pain too.

Know any good websites? Sound off in the comments below!

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