When you’re thinking about your next Anatomy exam, it’s tough to think about your carbon footprint. We got you.  Here are some simple ways to becoming a more eco-friendly medical student:

Take Notes on Your Laptop

Sure, you can reuse stacks of old notebooks as legs for a cute DIY coffee table, but it’s more ecologically feasible to take your notes on your laptop. Just don’t forget to back them up in the cloud.

Don’t Print Everything

Don’t feel compelled to print out all of that course material on Blackboard.  Keep your notes organized on your laptop and, if you need a lighter mobile option, buy a tablet so you can read notes and course material on the go.

Cook at Home

Constantly getting take-out can strain wallets – and landfills. Buying fresh ingredients will make both you and the environment healthier. Bonus: you can compost unused leftovers.

Dim the Lights

As a medical student, there’s a good chance you spend the twilight hours studying. When you do, limit yourself to a single lamp with a CFL or LED bulb, which will both decrease your energy consumption and improve your focus.

Walk or Bike to Campus

Driving to campus every day has a dramatic impact on your carbon footprint. You can save the environment (and some money) by walking or biking instead. You’ll feel healthier and help keep the Caribbean beautiful.

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