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medical school interview questions

Common Medical School Interview Questions

Interviews are a necessary part of the medical school application process, but they can also be one of the most stressful parts for students. Whether your interviews are taking place in person or virtually, you want to go in well-prepared. During the interview, your interviewer will ask a variety of questions designed to assess your

what is a good mcat score

What is a Good MCAT Score for Medical School in 2021?

Over 53,000 aspiring students applied to medical school during the 2020-2021 cycle, and all of them took the MCAT exam as part of the application process. If you’re considering applying to medical school, you’ll also need to study and sit for your MCAT exam. But completing the test won’t necessarily get you into your target

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Best Pre-Med Majors for Medical School in 2021

While there are certain course requirements you must take to be considered for medical school, you have a lot of flexibility in choosing your undergraduate major. The best premed majors to increase your chances of eventual acceptance to medical school will depend on your personal strengths, preferences, and med school timeline. Explore the considerations below

medical school GPA

What is a Good GPA for Medical School in 2021?

If you are applying to medical school, you’ll need to submit your undergraduate transcripts as part of your application. These transcripts will include your GPA, which can be used to filter out your application before the evaluation process ever begins.  To ensure your application doesn’t end up in the “do not review” pile, you should

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How to Get Into Caribbean Medical Schools

For aspiring medical students, medical schools in the Caribbean offer a number of interesting opportunities. By pursuing their education abroad through Caribbean medical schools, students have the chance to explore the world while receiving high-quality instruction and training that will lead to an internationally recognized medical degree. For international students, getting accepted to a Caribbean

student at bsmd or bamd program

Top BS/MD & BA/MD Pre-Med Programs in US | AUA

BS/MD and BA/MD programs are highly sought after by aspiring doctors. If you know that medical school is in your future, you may want to start planning now to take advantage of these selective, yet beneficial pathways to med school. Read on to learn more about BA/MD and BS/MD programs to find out if they

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