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American University of Antigua College of Medicine (AUA) understands that students may still face financial hardships after exhausting resources such as federal or provincial loans. Students can contact the following private lenders to see if they qualify for loans to help pay for medical school at AUA.

  • MPOWER Financing (US, Canadian, and international students)
    • AUA clinical students (Years 3 and 4) may be eligible for a private loan from MPOWER Financing. MPOWER Financing provides no-cosigner, no-collateral loans to students from around the world. MPOWER loans are based on career potential and can cover tuition and other education-related expenses. Key features include fixed-rate loans of up to $50,000 USD (about $63,000 CAD), scholarship offerings, career support and more.

      Learn more via the MPOWER website. Contact MPOWER via email or via phone at 202-417-3800 (US students) or 647-503-4607 (Canadian students).

  • Doc2Doc Lending (US, Canadian, and international fourth-year AUA students)
    • To help ease the transition to residency, Doc2Doc Lending provides matched fourth-year students with personal loans up to $25,000. This service, which is exclusively geared toward physicians, uses a unique approval process that looks at doctor-specific metrics to determine your interest rate, not just your credit score.

Canadian students also may qualify for a loan from one of the following banks. Learn more on the Canada financial aid page.

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