Professor and Chair - Dr. Hani Morcos Hani Morcos, MD, PhD – Professor and Chair

Dr. Morcos received his MD in 1986 from Alexandria University School of Medicine in Egypt. He is ECFMG certified in 1996 and received PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology in 2005 from Florida A&M University. He held a position of Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at University of Miami, FL. Dr. Morcos is a licensed Physician in Antigua and carries wide experience in teaching and research from University of Miami, Florida A&M University and Florida State University. Dr. Morcos’s research paper on “the effects of simvastatin (Zocor) on the memory of Alzheimer’s disease” had made headlines in the Washington Post as well as several health news sites in the US and around the world.

Professor - Dr. Sapalya Durgaprasad Sapalya Durgaprasad, MD –  Professor

Dr. Durgaprasad S obtained his MD degree from Manipal University in the year 2003. During his residency years he worked with dept. of Gastroenterology, KMC Hospital Manipal and performed a research study on the “Effects of Curcumin on Chronic Pancreatitis patients”. After obtaining his MD degree he joined the dept. of Pharmacology, KMC Manipal as Asst Professor. During this period he performed numerous clinical trials with Ranbaxy, one of India’s leading drug companies and with Acunova, a leading Clinical Research Organization of India. He also published five research articles in peer reviewed journals during this time. In 2009 he joined AUA as Associate Professor and has been teaching Cancer chemotherapy, Hematology, Central nervous system and Endocrine pharmacology to semester 3 and semester 4 students”.

Associate Professor Pharmacology - Dr. Pemminati Sudhakar Sudhakar Pemminati, PhD, MSc, PharmB, PDCR – Associate Professor 

Dr. Sudhakar Pemminati is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacology. He earned his PhD in Medical Pharmacology at Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal University, in India, where he studied the effects of APOC3, FABP2, and PPAR-gamma-2 gene polymorphisms on metabolic syndrome with type 2 diabetes mellitus in human subjects. Prior to earning his PhD, Dr. Sudhakar earned a MSc in Medical Pharmacology from Manipal University, a Pharm B from Andhra University, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research (PDCR). Following his doctoral work, Dr. Sudhakar joined the Department of Pharmacology at KMC. He has been teaching Medical Pharmacology since 2000.

Dr. Sudhakar has extensive experience in the facilitation of Problem-Based and Team-Based Learning strategies in basic medical sciences. His expertise extends to individual interventions for the enhancement of critical thinking skills for medical problem-solving.

Dr. Sudhakar is a recipient of the Excellence in Scholarship Award for contributions to scientific literature, medicine, and education, awarded by the American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine. Dr. Sudhakar is also the recipient of a number of other awards and honors: most notably, the Dr. TMA Pai Gold Medal for his research on an herbal treatment for haloperidol-induced catalepsy and the prevalence of metabolic syndrome.

He is a regular presenter at international scientific meetings, and most recently presented at conferences in Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, and Thailand. Dr. Sudhakar has authored or co-authored more than 54 peer-reviewed research articles, most of which are indexed by the National Library of Medicine’s authoritative PubMed database. He is an editor, editorial board member, and reviewer for many biomedical science journals, and has been invited to serve as an external examiner on numerous doctoral dissertation committees at academic institutions worldwide. Dr. Sudhakar is presently conducting two research projects, which have been approved by AUA College of Medicine, Antigua.