Biochemistry and Genetics

Professor and Department Chair - Dr. Bolanthur Shivaraj Bolanthur Shivaraj, BSc, MSc, PhD – Professor and Department Chair

Dr. Shivaraj received his MSc and PhD at Kasturba Medical College (KMC) in Manipal, India, from the Universities of Mysore and Kerala respectively. He taught Medical Biochemistry to undergraduate and postgraduate medical/paramedical students at KMC for 32 years (from 1975-2007). In addition, Dr. Shivaraj was an active researcher and successfully mentored four PhD students. His research areas included natural enzyme inhibitors, protein-protein interaction, urinary lipid profiles, and halogenation of proteins. Dr. Shivaraj has published 11 papers on the international medical journals. He joined American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine as a full-time professor in January 2010.

Professor - Nandini Rao Nandini Rao, PhD – Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Biochemistry & Genetics

After obtaining a PhD in medical biochemistry from Manipal University, India, she completed her post doctoral studies in the dept. of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Indiana School of Medicine, Indianapolis, on the mechanism of action of PTH on the bone. After working as a visiting research scientist at Indiana School of Medicine, Terre Haute where she studied on the froglet limb regeneration, Dr. Rao went on a scientific adventure on salamander limb regeneration at Purdue School of Science, Indianapolis. Her research experience includes proteomics, genomics, purification of proteins etc. In addition to publications in internationally indexed journals, she is also a co author for  a chapter In “Principles of Regenerative Medicine”, for which Thompson J is one of the editors. Dr. Rao as a faculty in Manipal, taught medical Biochemistry for about 15 years and taught molecular biology and cell biology in Terre Haute and Indianapolis, in addition to Medical Biochemistry. She is also a member of Indiana University Center for Regenerative Biology and Medicine.

Associate Professor - Dr. Shivananda Baliga Dr. Shivananda Baliga – Professor

Dr. Shivananda Baliga received his M.Sc. degree from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India in 1991 and was awarded Ph.D. by Manipal University in 2003. He has served over two decades at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, Manipal, India.

Rajashekar B Rao Rajashekar B. Rao, MSc, PhD – Associate Professor

Dr. Rajashekar Barkur Rao received his MSc in Medical Biochemistry from Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, and his PhD from Manipal University, India. Dr. Rao joined AUA as an Associate Professor in Biochemistry in January 2017. He has been teaching biochemistry to medical students for the past 17 years. Before joining AUA, Dr. Rao taught at Melaka-Manipal Medical College, Manipal University, India.

Dr. Rao has 11 scientific publications and nine conference presentations to his credit and is a reviewer for many indexed journals. He is also a PhD guide for Manipal University, India. Some of Dr. Rao’s work has focused on determining the effects of lead-induced oxidative stress on prenatal and postnatal brain development in rats.

Marcus Merrin, PhD, BSc – Associate Professor

Current interests include genetic disorders of metabolism, population genetics, and evolutionary game theory.