Simulated Learning Center

Simulated Learning Center

The center is equipped with sophisticated training simulators for students and physicians, including SimMan 3G®, SimBaby™, Harvey®, and Noelle®. These simulators incorporate challenging clinical scenarios by utilizing the latest interactive software. Clinical skill assessments are performed individually and in small-group sessions. Students are able to apply their Basic Sciences knowledge to clinical situations early on, giving them an advantage when they begin clinical rotations.

SimMan 3G

SimMan 3G® is so lifelike, it trains students to treat patients in dozens of clinical scenarios and includes a controllable open/closed airway passage, realistic breathing and pulse, bilateral chest tube insertion, and simulated hemorrhaging, and he even sheds tears.


SimBaby™ is an advanced infant patient simulator that trains students and physicians in infant care. Simbabys lifelike anatomy includes realistic breathing, circulation, and vascular access points.  


Noelle® is a brand-new birthing simulator that provides the complete birthing experience from prenatal to birth. It provides students with the skills they need for OB/GYN clinical rotations. Noelle includes a realistic birth canal, C-section abdominal inserts, simulated human tissue, and programmed delivery system – either rapid response or a long labor. 


Harvey® is one of the most advanced cardiac assessment simulators available. It includes 25 different cardiac functions, including varying blood pressure, heart sounds, pulse, and heart murmurs.