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The Mayo Clinic Experience

October 19, 2011
Four months into residency, I am still alive. I survived the Emergency Department, Inpatient Oncology, Outpatient Primary Care, Inpatient Cardiology, several overnight shifts, and I am definitely getting used to this doctor thing. It still feels weird introducing myself as “Doctor Marcelin”, but every day I am more confident doing so. I’m still learning the computer systems, but getting faster. I dislike dictation, but a little less, every time I do it. I’m more...


May 24, 2011 Interviewing, Match, NRMP, prematch
  The only applicants allowed by NRMP to accept positions outside the match (prematch) are IMGs and DO candidates. For some, a prematch offer could be a dream come true; for others, it represents a tough dilemma - accept a Prematch vs. go through the match. Usually the candidates with better overall applications are the ones facing this dilemma. There are many opinions about what candidates should do in this situation. It is a personal choice but keep in mind the following: Most...