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College of Medicine
Class of 2013

Life in New York while on Rotations

February 03, 2012
It’s when we get to put our basic science knowledge to work.  It’s crazy to see how much more information there is still to learn.  After Step 1 I felt like I was really prepared and ready for the wards.  I feel like I’m able to apply the knowledge now and organize it better.  Learning the criteria for diagnosis and proper assessment and plan techniques really makes things stick.  It gets easier to remember the large amount of information for me at...

When I knew I was prepared

January 30, 2012
I still remember it vividly. A few friends of mine from college were visiting Manhattan, and we met by the World Trade Center site for lunch and sightseeing. We were going to see St. Paul’s Chapel when we saw a small crowd and two police officers on the sidewalk. As we got closer, we saw a woman on the ground gasping for air, her head resting on her husband’s lap. Her daughter, who was about my age, was crying and screaming for help. I knelt next to the woman and asked her if she...