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A little personality goes a long way

April 25, 2011 personality
Several months ago, most fourth year medical students were busy figuring out which residency programs would fit them the best.  Whether it was by reading forums, talking to mentors, family members or friends; they were somewhere getting information about different residency programs. When it comes to finding a residency program, we all know that if you are from an International medical school, your score will matter the most. For US-MDs with low scores - well they have the name of...

Medical Missions

Although the USA has been my home for half my life, Haiti is still very much a part of me.  When that earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010, despair hit me, but it also rekindled my passion for medicine.  I knew that one day I would return and provide medical care, but I had no idea that it was in God’s plan for me to return much sooner than I anticipated. During a summer elective, I joined a group called Volunteers in Medical Missions. They organize medical mission trips...