4 Year MD Program

American University of Antigua's (AUA) College of Medicine provides the opportunities and resources for dedicated students to realize their dreams of becoming practicing physicians.

The advantages of earning an MD at AUA:

Clinically Correlated U.S. Modeled System

  • AUA is unique in that it utilizes the U.S.-modeled two semester academic year for its Basic Sciences curriculum incorporating clinical training beginning in the first semester.

  • The Basic Sciences curriculum was developed with the goal of achieving an integrated and flexible program that goes beyond examinations, preparing students for the challenges that await them in clinical training and practice.

  • Small class sizes favor a variety of teaching methods other than large group didactics, such as small group sessions, clinical case discussions, simulations, hands-on laboratory and patient contact.

  • Two semesters allow for additional advanced and remedial coursework, and more time for research.

New Campus, Network of Hospitals

  • The newly constructed campus features a comprehensive medical library, integrated technology for digital learning and Wi-Fi everywhere.

  • The advanced patient-care facilities at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre afford students clinical experience in the most current methods and technologies of treatment.

  • AUA provides an education that allows students to transition from Basic Sciences in Antigua to participating in clinical training at top teaching hospitals throughout the United States, followed by residency training and full licensure.

Students First

  • AUA faculty members seek to establish a flexible, personalized rapport with each student.

  • The faculty consists of PhDs, MDs and other experienced educators from across the globe, drawn to AUA’s academic culture where students are the top priority.

  • The high faculty-to-student ratio means smaller classes and instructors that are readily available.

  • The Education Enhancement Department provides students with resources to enhance study and test-taking skills in order to maximize each student’s potential.

  • The two semester academic year curriculum allows for an increase in small-group learning sessions.