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The inside scoop about getting into and thriving in medical school. Tips include how to optimize your application, study hacks, how to stay happy and healthy as a medical student, and much more! Some highlights from our blog series: 9 Smart Foods to Boost Your Brain Power, 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Medical School, 7 Proven Ways to Fight Procrastination, 15 Reasons to Love AUA, Enhance Your MD: Why You Should Enroll in Urbana’s Healthcare MBA, What to Expect from a Caribbean Medical School Workload, A Primer on the Med School Interview, and The Diversity Gap in Medicine and how the MCAT shaped it.


Seven Ways to Keep Your Mind Active During Summer Break

Summertime is here! It’s nice to finally have a long break to unwind, especially because many other Caribbean medical schools run on trimesters. You’ll definitely need to keep up with your studies, but you should also find other ways to stay active as well. Here are some fun activities to keep your brain engaged while… Read More…

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8 Tips for Being a Healthy Student (Especially in Antigua)

  Living and studying in the Caribbean is pretty sweet, but if you aren’t adequately taking care of yourself, you won’t be able to truly enjoy it. Follow these eight tips to make the most of your time at a Caribbean medical school without missing out on the luxury of living in a tropical paradise…. Read More…

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Advance Your Medical Studies and Career with Meditation

Becoming a doctor and being a doctor are hard work. Once you graduate and begin reaping all the benefits of those long hours of clinical rotations, study, and memorization, you will inevitably be challenged by further mental (and emotional) hurdles in your professional life. Successfully facing these stressful situations is part of the job. Luckily,… Read More…


Three Advantages Graduating From a Caribbean Medical School

It’s Commencement week again! Well, at least at AUA. If you’re graduating from a Caribbean medical school this week, here are some reasons to prove you made the right choice for your medical education: Closer community Caribbean medical schools are known for having closer knit communities than U.S. medical schools. Since this is the first… Read More…

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5 Best Ways to Research a Caribbean Medical School (Straight from the Source)

There are lots of ways to research a Caribbean medical school. Message boards, online reviews, a friend of a friend of a friend, etc. However, you’re bound to find a good amount of misinformation out there. Here are some ways you can get a better representation of the medical schools you’re applying to:

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AUA Graduate Secures Prestigious Molecular Pathology Fellowship

Dr. James Saller (Class of 2010) recently secured a Molecular Pathology fellowship at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL, which offers one of the most prestigious pathology programs in the United States. Find out how he did it and what he’s learned on his journey from Caribbean medical school student to resident to fellow. 


6 Advantages to Living in Antigua

When you attend AUA, you get to attend one of the top Caribbean medical schools and  live in one of the top Caribbean vacation destinations. It’s not only filled with modern conveniences (and accessible transportation), but there’s also a lot you can do to unwind after classes. Here are just a few things that make Antigua… Read More…

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Message from the Dean: Tips for Success in Medical School

By Robert Mallin MD – Executive Dean. I started medical school a long time ago-1977, to be exact.  Much has changed, but much is the same. I had finished my undergraduate degree in December of 1976, so in order to be prepared for my entry into medical school, I took some graduate courses that spring…. Read More…


3 Reasons Your MCAT Score Doesn’t Matter

The MCAT may be the deciding factor for most U.S. medical schools, but does it really factor into your success as a medical student and a physician? Short answer: no. Long answer: you’ll have to read our blog to find out!

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5 Realistic Resolutions for Caribbean Medical Students

New Year’s resolutions are tricky. It’s good to start the upcoming year with some goals in mind, but by the time January rolls around, you’ve either made too many resolutions or made unrealistic ones. Here are some resolutions that are perfect for Caribbean medical students.