This past summer, AUA added the state of California to its list of approvals. AUA is only the fifth Caribbean medical school to receive this recognition. This is in addition to previous approval by New York state for residency appointments and clinical clerkships.

In July, the recognition offered by the Medical Board of California presented a major step in AUA College of Medicine's goal to prepare its students to become doctors in the United States and Canada.

 This recognition provides three primary benefits to AUA students:  1) Graduates may now apply for medical licensure within the state of California.  2) Graduates now have the option of entering into residency training within the state of California.  3) AUA COM will now be able to provide clinical training at teaching hospitals within the state of California.

In their approval letter, the licensing board of California stated:

"At the Medical Board of California's (Board) meeting held on July 29,2011 , the Board granted recognition to the American University of  Antigua College of  Medicine (AUACOM) and deemed it to be in substantial compliance with the requirements of  Business and Professions Code Sections 2089 and 2089.5 and California Code of Regulations, Title  16, Division l3,  Section 1314.1  and voted to extend that recognition only to those who matriculate at the Antigua campus on or after January  1, 2007. 

The Board will add AUACOM to its list of recognized medical schools on the Board's Web site. Please ensure that AUACOM' s website clearly describes the parameters of  the Board's recognition. 
As you may be aware, students who matriculated at AUACOM prior to January 1, 2007 may apply for licensure in California once they have met all of  the minimum requirements for licensure and the requirements of  Section 2l35.5 of  the California Business and Professions Code and will be evaluated by the Board, through its Application Review Committee. Please note that course work completed at Kasturba Medical College International Center will not be accepted for licensure."


In addition to New York and California approvals, AUA's College of Medicine has also been recognized by the FAIMER IMED and AVICENNA directory.


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